Cost Data Calculations

The entire cost data calculation is splitted into several stages. In KTC Server there are 5 job types and each of them is responsible for generation certain cost data. In this document you will get familiar with cost data calculation by tariffs on meters and sub-meters, summing tariff costs on meters, calculation of VAT and aggregation cost data from meters to parent summary nodes. There is one more way how cost data appear in the system and actually this is invoice import, which also will be described in this document. For more convenient handling connection between meters and tariffs we recommend to use meter packs, so please find more information about them in the sections below.

User manual

Field processors

After installation of KTC Server all cost field processor are automatically created in Data Field Processors data source. Each of them is responsible for certain part of cost data calculation. Here is a full list of field processors default names and their types that we use in cost calcuclation:

Calculation jobs

In order to calculate data by using each of mentioned field proccesor you have to create calculation job for each data processor. It can be done in Jobs data source by creating under root node corresponding job type. For all cost calcuclation except Cost Summarizer jobs it supposed to use Field Sink Read Job. When creating Cost Summarizer job you have to set its type Chunked Field Sink Read Job. In jobs settings should be always configured field sink for readout and for data storage. Also it is required to set appropriate field processor and filter by group reference or nodes.

If you want to create automatically whole cost calculation job sequence that includes all cost calculation jobs it can be done from Customers data source. In Clayster Managment tool call context menu for selected customer and choose Generate Analyser Caclculation Jobs

Once jobs creation finished in Jobs data source should appear customer job sequence that includes aslo sequence 8.Cost Caclculations with appropriate customer name. Under cost calcuclation sequence there are all cost calculation jobs that is needed in order to have cost data generated. Each job in this order expects that its input data already pre-calculated by previous job.

Cost Calculations

Calculation meter Costs by tariffs

Before executing calculation meter costs by tariff you've to create tariff itself. In Tariffs data source under root node create new tariff and add under it sub-tariff node with start date and cost value.

Now it is required to connect meter nodes to just created tariff, it can be done in Meters Tariffs data source. Once tariff is created in meters tariffs data source should be also created tariff reference, if it doesn't exist you can add it from context menu on root node. Under tariff reference node should be created Meters Tariffs node with start date and connected group, meter or meter pack node. You can read more about meter packs creation in this section Meter pack nodes

Setup calculation meter costs by tariffs


Open Clayster Management tool and Setup cost calculation job. Follow next steps in order to prepare data and settings to get cost fields created.

  1. Import or add manually consumption fields on meter

  2. Define Tariff

  3. Connect meters to Tariff by adding group reference or meter nodes

  4. Execute cost calculation job with show result option

  5. Check if all Cost fields are created

Calculation sub-meter costs

For sub-meter there are fews ways of calculating cost data. First of all sub-meter can be connected to tariff as normal meter, in this case cost will be calculated according to tariff. When sub-meter is not connected to tariff directly there are 3 options on base meter, which defines how cost will be distributed from base meter to sub-meter

Setup calculation sub-meter costs job

Total cost calculation

Total Cost calculation sums up on meter all cost values generated from different tariffs by job Calculate meter Costs by Tariffs.

Lets consider we have cost fields calculated by Fixed and Running tariffs for January 2020:

FixedCost, by EL-Fixed-Month tariff, Month, EL ProdType/EL Util = 105 Kr

RunningCost, by EL-Running-tariff, Month, EL ProdType/EL Util = 650 Kr

The Total Cost filed processor will sum those values and create new fields for certain meter:

Total FixedCost, EL ProdType/EL Util = 105 Kr

Total RunningCost, EL ProdType/EL Util = 650 Kr


Total Cost, EL ProdType/EL Util = 755 Kr

Setup total cost calculation job


Open Clayster Management tool and Setup total cost calculation job. Follow next steps in order to precalculate input data to get total cost fields created by total cost field processor.

  1. Calculate meter Cost fields (see Cost Field Processor section)

  2. Execute job with show result option

  3. Check if total costs calculated correctly

Total cost VAT calculation

Total Cost VAT calculation generates Total VAT fields from existsing cost fields

Setup total cost VAT calculation job

Cost month summary

Cost Summary field processor is designed for aggregation all month cost fields from meter level to upper summary nodes. It generates the same list of cost fields that exists on the meter and sums up meter values to top-level group nodes.

Setup cost month summary calculation job

Meter pack nodes

To simplify mapping meter to tariffs there is a possibility to create a pack of meters which can be attached to Tariffs or Tariff Group In order to create meter pack you have to open Topology data source, then expand Analyser Meters Root node and select Customer Topology Node. Call context menu on it and choose Add->Meters pack node. It is required to fill ID and set production type in the tab Analyser

Next you have to add meters to just created meter pack. Edit meter pack and switch to tab Nodes, here you can add only meters that matches by production type set for meter pack, add them and save changes.

Now you can connect meters pack in Meters Tariffs data source, it can be done while modifying MetersTariffs node see snapshot below. After chnages saved run Calculation meter Costs by tariffs and check if cost fields created for all meters from meter pack that have consumption data


Cost field processors and standard cost calculation job sequence is a part of KTC Server in order to install it administrator needs perform deployment of the zip package and configure it according to the hosting model by following installation instructions