Total Cost Field Processor

Total Cost field processor is designed for summing up on meter all cost values generated by different tariffs.

For example, we have next cost fields calculated by Fixed and Running tariffs January 2020:

Fixed Cost, by EL Fixed Month Tariff tariff, Month, EL ProdType/EL Util = 1 Kr

Running Cost, by Running EL Tarif tariff, Month, EL ProdType/EL Util = 1300 Kr

The Total Cost filed processor will sum those values and create new fields for certain meter:

Total Running Cost, EL ProdType/EL Util = 1300 Kr

Total Fixed Cost, EL ProdType/EL Util = 1 Kr


Total Cost, EL ProdType/EL Util = 1301 Kr

User manual

After installation of KTC Server cost field processor is automatically created in Data Field Processors data source with name Total Cost Calculator and type Analyser Total Cost Calculator

The Total Cost Field Processor expects that all Cost fields generated by different tariffs for each meter as its input. You can read more about it in the Cost Field Processor section.

In order to modify field processor name or set user privilege you have to login into Clayster Management tool and open Data Field Processors data source, then select in data source Total Cost Calculator item and edit it. In a picture below you can see properties window, where all parameters and options should be set up.

Setup total cost calculation job


Open Clayster Management tool and Setup total cost calculation job. Follow next steps in order to precalculate input data to get total cost fields created by total cost field processor.

  1. Calculate meter Cost fields (see Cost Field Processor section)

  2. Execute job with show result option

  3. Check if total costs calculated correctly


Total Cost field processor is a part of KTC Server in order to install it administrator needs perform deployment of the zip package and configure it according to the hosting model.