Cost Summary Field Processor

Cost Summary field processor is designed for aggregation all month cost fields from meter level to upper summary nodes. It generates the same list of cost fields that exists on the meter and sums up meter values to top-level group nodes.

User manual

After installation of KTC Server cost summary field processor is automatically created in Data Field Processors data source with name Cost Summarizer and type Analyser Cost Summary Calculator

During execution the Cost Summary field processor performs readout from topology Summary Node of all month cost related fields for all underlying meters. After aggregation of month cost fields to the summary node there should be created same list of cost fields that exists on all type of meters below.

In order to modify field processor name or set user privilege you have to login into Clayster Management tool and open Data Field Processors data source, then select in data source Cost Summarizer item and edit it. In a picture below you can see properties window, where all parameters and options should be set up.

Setup cost month summary calculation job


Cost Summary Calculator field processor is a part of KTC Server in order to install it administrator needs perform deployment of the zip package and configure it according to the hosting model.